Saturday, January 3, 2009

7 Things You May Not (want to) Know About Me meme

I was tagged by Kim Caise for the '7 things about me meme' that is being passed around cyberspace. Here is a wiki for others' posts. I was trying to figure out how to introduce this meme so I 'googled' it. WOW! It is running rampant in all types of arenas: see for yourself. Anyway, here is my contribution of 7 things to let the world, more specifically my PLN, into my experiences, dreams, desires and yes, blunders. Enjoy!

First: I was diagnosed with Adult ADD when I was 42 but looking back I know I had it all my life. I wonder what I could have accomplished had diagnosis and treatment been around in the 60's and 70's. I'm still trying to adjust the many ways of my past in order to improve along with the medications. Remembering to take the meds is even one of the issues I need to overcome. Routine has always been a double-edge sword for me. I need it and I fight it. It is like a tug-o-war within myself. I know life would be better if I would just follow one but...I can't seem to make myself follow one. I do find 'making my life better' difficult often but I keep trying!

Second: In the 90's I was more daring then I am now and I used to jump up on stage to steal guitar pics from musicians off of their mic stands. Melissa Ethridge, and The Indigo Girls were my favorites and I still have their pics. I got Joan Jett's because the base player kept trying to hit my bald friend in the head, unfortunately this was at a Holiday Inn after her popularity faded. When I saw Melissa Ethridge I was sitting in the front row and she pointed at me, had me come up to the stage and then held my hand and sang to me. It was a little strange but I went with it as an adventure and had fun! I still have the pics packed away with my other souvenirs; ticket stubs, autographs, posters, photographs and Bill Clinton's signature on one of my blank checks.

Third: Since most of you reading this have not met me (yet) you wouldn't know I have a very distinctive laugh. It is contagious, happy and often loud. when I was younger kids who didn't like me would call me woody woodpecker' I suppose they didn't really understand the power of being positive. I smile 98% of the time. Even though all my life my father insisted that I needed to 'stop giggling', I have always been thankful for this positive and happy piece of me and have viewed them as the most important elements in my life.

Fourth: For most of the 90's I owned a Coffee House and roasted coffee beans in-house almost every morning. I also promoted live music every weekend from ska to folk and punk to jazz. We had bands from all over the USA and even one band from England, The TigerLillies! I also co-produced a CD compilation of 16 bands and their original songs. I still have too many of them if anyone wants one just ask.

Fifth: My Bachelor's degree is in Sociology and at one time I wanted to go to Master's and Johnson and study to be a sex therapist (never been embarrassed discussing anything). I never followed through with that, not sure why not. And no, I'm not interested in doing it now. lol!

Sixth: I did teach preschool for about 5 years beginning in 1988. I worked with ages 6 weeks to 12 years. I LOVED my 4-5 year old classroom. The were so much fun especially as they learned to understand humor and sarcasm. I learned so much from them. Over the past 18 years I have run into many of my old students and/or their parents and they still remember me. I'll always know I did something right 'cause I touched their lives in a positive way (and vice-versa)!

Seventh: I have always loved photography. My dad is a commercial photographer and although he doesn't take photos anymore his 58 year old business is still going strong. My 3 siblings and I have all worked there at one time or another and my nieces and nephews do on and off now also. If I could afford it I would purchase an SLR digital camera and really spend more time focusing on this passion of mine. I remember when I was in high school and taking a 35mm photography class. I asked my folks for a camera for the holidays. I opened my present and I got one JUST like the one pictured above. It didn't even have a built-in flash. I had to use those flash sticks that had ten uses. Does anyone else remember those?

I'm supposed to tag seven more people to continue this meme but I just don't know anyone who has not been tagged, yet. If you have a desire to do this and no one else has tagged you, consider yourself tagged by me and let me know who you are! I've now tagged Luke Allen and Dean Mantz.

Thanks for visiting, reading, thinking, hopefully laughing, and still wanting me to part of your PLN. I'm glad I found you and you found me!



  1. Very cool. Thanks for taking the time to share.

  2. Your 3-things-list ADD strategy that you started last summer on plurk was so helpful for so many! I wonder if that's something we need to revive...

    I'd love to do this meme again in about 20 years to see where we all are then!

  3. Laughing is important - keep giggling!

  4. Thanks for sharing @wsigele. I agree with Alicia about the laughter.
    Grace Kat

  5. Wow Wendy...I am glad that I got the opportunity to find out these things about you....this is so neat to read the depths of all of my pln friends...when we see each other at conferences we will all feel a bit closer to one another!