Monday, October 12, 2009

Higher Level Thinking

How can technology help develop higher order thinking and problem solving skills?

This is the question I've been asked to answer by reading the following articles: and

Before I even look at these articles, I can say I believe technology assists in many ways to help achieve higher order thinking and problem solving skills. technology engages all the senses, ok well maybe not smell unless your computer is smoking, and maybe not taste unless you lick your screen clean

But seriously, you can touch, hear, and see information and data in multiple ways almost instantly on a computer and then you can manipulate that information and data in multiple ways. You no longer need to stare at a piece of paper and memorize in order to regurgitate information. You can watch videos, listen to songs, stories, or lectures and you can play games which also often assist in learning by repetition but in an engaging and fun way. WHY do some people think learning should not be enjoyable?

By processing so many learning styles (all of which are engaging) you utilize more senses and the information sticks more easily. Not only does it stick, but once it does stick, you can then be reflective regarding it. Once reflection takes place, you can do something with the information you've learned; write about it, talk about it, think more about it, and you can form questions through thought and through discussion. Once you know, think, question, discuss, and contemplate, then you can move forward in some direction with new understanding of this information. You can evolve what you know into a new purpose by creating something from it. I've basically described Bloom's Taxonomy in my own words. Relating Bloom's Taxonomy to technology and the idea that digital age equipment becomes part of the process. Questioning and discussing via social forums (Twitter, Plurk, Blogs, FaceBook, etc.)  and eventually creating via online sites (VoiceThread, Xtranormal, Wikis, Podcasts, etc.) become the way to evolve your knowledge and thus share with the online community. This keeps the momentum going and the knowledge is thus ever evolving.

**I should point out that technology is not JUST computers. It is Interactive White Boards, cameras (still or video), phones, GPS, MP3 players, etc. It is any piece of equipment which has a microchip and allows you to connect, explore, develop and grow.

Now that I've given MY opinion I'm going to read the articles mentioned above and see if I'm on target or if I need to adjust my views.

Well hey now...I was spot on! I have some links I would like to post here re: Bloom's Taxonomy. Some were linked to in one of the articles. The others I acquired from my Plurk and Twitter PLN.
and my favorite:

Time to go read more articles and write more papers!


  1. A blog post to add to your articles:

  2. I totally agree that technology can engage many of our senses- a process which helps us tremendously in retaining information and storing it (in the brain of course!) for future use and application. You're so right that learning should be an enriching and enjoyable experience for everyone- and that it should also incorporate tools, like technology, that direct us toward further learning and inquiry.

    I am very appreciative of your knowledge of technology and the ways in which you share valuable information with our cohort. Thanks!!