Friday, October 9, 2009

Notes for 1st class of EdTech

Why are student's interested in technology? Why does it belong in a classroom?

* Knowledge based - 'Digital Native'
* It is their social life
* Engaging
* Project based
* Student interaction both in and out of the classroom
*Parent interaction/communication
*Collaboration w/parents, other students, each other
*Teachers become the facilitator
* Self-directed education/knowledge
*Access to knowledge
*Problem solving/decision making skills - Critical Thinking Skills
*Global world - multi-cultural
*Creativity - right brained - Daniel Pink
*Limitless (unlike a textbook)

The Teacher GUIDES and FACILITATES these 21st Century skills

2 communication skills needed:
1. Personal
2. Digital

Relationship between teacher and student is the most important! Technology

Watched '' (Still moving after the many times I've seen it!)

'Just because you can, does not me you should but it does mean you could'...M. Lowrance

What IS Technology Integration?
*Visual Learning
*Envision what xyz looks like
*Using technology in every aspect of education
*'End of day' summary
*Infused within the philosophy of the school

Where else in the world doe we live by subjects (math, english, etc)?

Technocentric learning - Technology without petogogy/curriculum in pointless.
We broke out into groups (jigsaw) of  3 and 'researched a topic:Jigsaw Project
Performance Assessment
Social and Emotional Learning
Higher Order Thinking Skills
Integrated Studies
Project Learning

HOW to Integrate Technology?

Note...end of course assignment-Personal Philosophy Concerning Technology

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  1. My students aren't interested in "Technology". They just want to find "the answer to what my teacher wants", or they want to connect to a friend or to a personal interest (colleges, sports, shopping, etc.), or they just want to escape (surfing, playing games).

    They expect to get these things as quickly and effortlessly as possible. They don't care how it works. I don't see computer geeks any more, just entertainment geeks.

    They're not interested in having me show them "technology", but they are interested when they hear that I'm on Facebook or Twitter - they're looking for personal connections, whatever the technology that provides it.