Thursday, October 15, 2009


I'm learning much more about webquests then I knew! I LOVE learning especially when I can see how it will open doors (or windows) in the mind! I asked my PLN (Professional Learning Network) if they had any they would share and since they did I thought I would give them some pomp and circumstance for their generosity!

Weather Webquest
Webquests to Web 2.0
A Web Hunt (a little different than a webquest, usually a given topic with a a set of questions to be answered by using Internet resources)
I wish I had found this one sooner: Seeking to Understand Multiple Intelligence Theory Better Ironically it is from someone at the University where I received my Bachelor Degree.
Here is a webquest about Web 2.0
WOW! A webquest for defining what type of digital eportfolio is correct for 'you'
Assistive Technology is amazing and here is a webquest for it!

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